Your boobs hurt? Well, that’s something I know very little about and never want to talk about ever again, so…

Nothing is new! I’m so bored actually :(

Well now you know about it! And it’s something totally normal to Talk about, you have Boobs too! Plus be Lucky, Cooper get’s to hear that everyday. Well it’s also his fault. All over all, that baby is related to you too so I can Tell you about this! Good Point well made, huh?

Aw poor you. Why bored?


I’m a few corridors away from her office and I can smell it from here. You sure? And how abouts you come and help out with the Cheerios sometime? I don’t really let people help me a lot, but I now have Robin. 

Maybe you have copper somewhere in your office? Yeah, I would love to! It really sounds great to help you out once.


Well, I’ll have to arrange that! You did ballet? Wow…

Nono you better don’t! I did, yep. Before I got Hailey. I was also head cheerleader back then. Flexibility opens a lot of doors haha.



See! She’s not the one you want to be stuck with all day! And yes, but it’s so strong. 

Well I haven’t been stuck with her nor did I ever smell any ginger. I know quiet a lot because I worked with a lot back when I was dancing. Yet nobody was better in ballet than me, of course. 


Okay, okay! It’s me! Too nice! Too clingy! Too frigid! She smells like copper…

Yeah she’s kind of … smiling all the time as if it’s pinned on her face. That is a little creepy too. I haven’t smelled her yet because that is something weird to do!


Yes, it is! And hopefully not! That’s what I always think about him, but then he just comes up to me and insults me! Please, Aly. Have you seen the woman? She cleans her telephone with a toothbrush. A TOOTHBRUSH. She got engaged to a man who is more gravy than man, then got married to a Dentist, but the marriage never got consummated! She is so frigid. And her ginger mane is constantly glowing out of no-where. 

Will insults you? He looks like he doesn’t even know mean words, way too nice! Okay well that is creepy, very creepy to be honest. But she is still a nice lady and her hair isn’t too bad..


Good for you. It’s my business, no one else’s. I thought you were getting married? And considering Cooper was a celebrity, I highly doubt that no one knows about you! Kurt has gone off to NYADA, finally, so I never see him or Berry anymore, fortunately. His hair is horrible, sulfurous eggs nest inside of that mess. And as for his wife, hah. 

It is, of course. And as long as you’re happy that’s good too! We do but still, I only got into touch with normal Coo so I guess I just tried to forget the fact that is face is kind of good known. Still wish mine will stay out of the publicity. Maybe they’ll come and visit again? URGH! CAN NEVER GET CLOSE TO WILL AGAIN! That is not nice Sue!


Hm, okay. And you’re preggers, again? Because I don’t want the celebrity father of my child to have anything to do with Robin. He’s done his part. I know all about you two because it’s spread everywhere. Porcelain is Kurt? And I have to agree, he uses lots of hair gel. Just like William. Far too much margarine! 

Yeah I am and it’s being great so far! Oh well, I understand that, kind of … I think … Anyway, I still don’t get it. Only my friends know that we’re dating, I mean we didn’t gave a flyer about our relationship to anyone haha. Oh Kurt, well … no idea what goes on between them! And yeah, Will’s hair is …. weird.


Awesome if you are half deaf?! And thank you. And hm, mediocre… And I want to be with her, of course? But I need my money to support her. And nope. Not telling anyone. It was lovely when your man cupped my breast and pressed his pen on to my chest. Porcelain, Other Gay’s boy? Unless they split, well… 

I’m not half deaf but I still think it’s cute how he randomly starts with his impressions. I think Hailey is an awesome name. The name of mini-Cooper will be Malea, in case it’s a girl and it totally will be a girl. Why not telling anyone? Yeeeeah it’s ok now, we got into enough details, don’t wanna know more about what Cooper and you did. I wonder why you even know about us? Well even though I’d known who Porcelain is I wouldn’t be able to say if they split. Blainie is mean walking hairgel, for that reason I don’t care about his love life.


Sam? The stripper? Really? His impressions are terrible. And yes, her name is Robin. She is a few months, but I get my New Head Bitch to take care of her throughout the day. The father will remain a mystery. And yes, yes he did. When he visited the Other Gay, his brother. 

His impressions are awesome! I love them. Robin is a cute name! My little one’s name is Hailey, but she’s already way older. Why don’t you wanna be with her?? Really a mystery? Not even telling me who it is?? Good to know he did. The other gay? Who’s the first gay then?